BHbusiness for Providers

SAMHSA has developed a new initiative to ensure that behavioral healthcare providers are ready to meet the demand for services—BHbusiness: Mastering Essential Business Operations.
BHbusiness Mastering Essential Business Operations

BHbusiness Is Now BHbusiness Plus, Helping Behavioral Health Leaders Transform Business Operations

SAMHSA is entering its third year supporting BHbusiness, a program of technical assistance and resources to help behavioral health executives and their teams make the business changes necessary to survive and thrive in a new healthcare marketplace. Based on experience to date, the program has been renamed as BHbusiness Plus: Where Business Change Happens, and now offers new topics, increased one-to-one consultation, and shorter timeframes.

The History of BHbusiness Plus

Before implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 2010 National Survey of Drug Use and Health, estimated that an additional 30 million previously uninsured people with behavioral health problems would become eligible for coverage. As of May 2014, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 8 million people have enrolled through the Health Insurance Marketplaces, many of whom will need behavioral health services. To meet this need, SAMHSA developed and launched BHbusiness in 2012, offering technical assistance and expert coaching and consultation to support behavioral healthcare provider capability.

How BHbusiness Plus Works

SAMHSA’s BHbusiness Plus: Where Business Change Happens is a training and technical assistance project for behavioral health providers whose primary services involve mental health or substance use treatment and recovery. Through BHbusiness, SAMHSA helps behavioral health providers increase their capacity in the following topic areas:

  1. Strategic Business Decision Making
    Providers explore their organizations’ strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace and identify the best focus for making change.
  2. Exploring Affiliations, Mergers and Acquisitions
    Consider various business models from shared administrative services agreements through full mergers of two or more organizations.
  3. Costing Out Your Services
    Using tools developed by cost accountants and community service treatment providers, learn principles for assessing the cost of new services or adapting service delivery models to healthcare changes.
  4. Setting up a Third Party Billing System
    Introduces providers to the necessary steps for setting up a billing system, developing staff skills and confidence, and designing the infrastructure necessary to submit claims for payment from one or multiple payers.
  5. Improving Billing System to Increase Collections and Compliance
    Providers work on increasing collections rates, speeding up revenue cycles, and increasing the number of units of service allowed by managed care providers.
  6. New Business Planning
    Supports providers in developing a business plan from resource allocation to revenue projections – resulting in a plan for incorporating new customers, payers or services into the current business model.
  7. Third-party Contract Negotiations
    Introduces providers to the new reimbursement structure and shows how to create an analysis of their local health care market, determine their market value, and attract new payers using sales and marketing strategies.
  8. Eligibility and Enrollment
    Helps providers increase client access to health insurance coverage through more efficient identification and processing.

BHbusiness Plus Resources

New this year, BHbusiness Plus offers public access to many of the resources used in learning networks, including articles, presentations, and practical tools for developing and improving business practices.
Interested behavioral health providers can now view and download these resources.

BHbusiness Plus Partners

The program is coordinated by the State Associations of Addiction Services, working in collaboration with NIATx, the National Council for Behavioral Health, and Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

Learn More About BHbusiness

For more information on what SAMHSA’s BHbusiness Plus project can do to help your organization, visit the BHbusiness website.

Last Updated: 07/30/2014