National Prevention Week "I Choose" Project

The "I Choose" Project, which began in February 2013, will continue through National Prevention Week 2014! This project is an easy way to make a difference, be a positive example, and inspire others. By participating in the "I Choose" Project, you can help spread the word that our choices make a big difference in our lives, our health, and our future.

Participating in the "I Choose" Project is easy – all you have to do is take a photograph of yourself holding a sign with your personal message about why substance abuse prevention or mental health is important to you. For example, you could say "I choose prevention because I want to be healthy and happy." Or you could write "I choose treatment…" or another "I choose" statement, such as "I choose not to give up because things do get better."

Send your photo to In the e-mail, you can also include:

  • Name(s) of people in the photo
  • Organization (if applicable)
  • State or territory
  • ZIP code
  • The "I Choose" message displayed in the photo.

After receiving your submission, SAMHSA will review and post your photo to the "I Choose" photo gallery*

picture of a young man holding a sign that reads I choose to be a leader     a picture of a young girl holding a sign that reads I choose prevention for my family and friends.     a picture of a young woman holding a sign that reads I choose opportunities.

*Photos will not be posted if they contain:

  • Commercial endorsements.
  • Personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  • Discriminatory, racist, offensive, obscene, inflammatory, unlawful, or otherwise objectionable statements, language or content.

See SAMHSA's comment policy and privacy policy for more information.

Last Updated: 04/10/2014