Voice Awards to take place August 13 in Royce Hall, Los Angeles

Nominate Consumer/Peer Leaders

If you know a consumer/peer leader who uses their stories of resilience to educate others about behavioral health, submit a nomination for a Voice Award.

Nominate a consumer/peer leader for a 2014 Voice Award who has made outstanding contributions in all of the following areas:

  • Personally demonstrated that recovery is real and possible
  • Led efforts to reduce the discrimination and misperceptions associated with behavioral health conditions
  • Made a positive impact on communities, workplaces, or schools

The Voice Awards program defines "consumer/peer leader" broadly as a person who has received or is receiving services for a mental health and/or substance use disorder.

Nominations are Due by Friday, April 25, 2014

To submit a nomination, download and complete the consumer/peer leader nomination form (PDF | 303 KB, DOC | 370 KB), and mail it to the following address:

Attn: Voice Awards
2121 K Street, NW, Suite 650
Washington, DC 20037
202-331-9420 (Fax)

Nominations are open to anyone. There is no limit to the number an individual can submit. Self-nominations are welcome.

Last Updated: 04/22/2014